To provide the highest standard of care, while integrating body, mind and spirit in a patient centered, Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, that empowers patients through education to fully participate in achieving their optional health goals.


Caring Practitioner

Dr. Parris is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with years of experience providing NYC acupuncture. She specializes in making connections with her patients and turning communication into healing.


Tranquil Treatment Rooms

Enjoy your acupuncture or beauty treatment in a serene, soothing treatment room. With a quiet waiting room, plenty of light, and heat lamps available in each room, your treatment will be transformative.


Comprehensive Diagnosis

Whether it’s your first or your hundredth time to an acupuncturist, Dr. Parris takes the time to get to know her patients and ensure her diagnosis is comprehensive. Drawing on her extensive experience as a dancer, personal trainer, and herbalist, she’ll help you on the path toward renewed health and vitality.

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What Patients Say

Having an acupuncture session with Dr. Parris is truly a transcendent experience. She is masterfully skilled, as well as being a calm, soothing presence. She is a true gem and a rare find in this hustling and bustling city.
Claudia M.
When I met Jenise, I had been trying to get pregnant for seven months. Thanks to her expertise in acupuncture and herbs, I got pregnant six weeks later.
Since I started seeing you my body both physically and mentally has so much balance, I feel even and healthy and so much more attuned to my own body’s chemistry. I am a happier, healthier, balanced person because of you!
I eat more healthfully with Jenise’s guidance, I sleep better, and my family and friends have told me that I look younger today at 75 than I looked five years ago at 70 before the magic of gifted Dr. Parris came into my life.
Suzanne Baer, PhD
Dr. Parris’s touch is a gift; whether your have an acute condition that needs immediate relief, or whether you are simply interested in promoting a general feeling of well-being, her treatments will improve your quality of life.
Ronnie Heyman, NYC
A beautiful balance of training, skill, and intuition make Dr. Parris the best of acupuncturists.
Dr. Feddersen, NYC
Jenise is one of my most gifted students. She has a profound understanding of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Ning Ma, L.Ac. MD, Dept. Chair Pacific College of Oriental Medicine