Taking good mental and written notes of what your response to treatment is can help your practitioner design the follow-up treatments so that the process supports your continuing healing and well-being.

The number of treatments required varies with each case. For longstanding conditions, one or two treatments a week for several months may be required. For acute problems, fewer visits are necessary. For general health maintenance and overall wellness, four sessions a year may be sufficient.

Usually patients experience no side effects other than a feeling of deep relaxation or mild temporary disorientation. Occasionally, the original symptoms will be exaggerated for a few days, or there will be changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and/or bowel or urinary patterns. There may be slight changes in emotional states. All of these possible effects are short-lived.

Acupuncture is drug-free and therefore avoids the side effects and dependencies associated with many forms of standard medications. The needles used are only slightly wider than a strand of hair and are made of stainless steel with smooth points. The needles are disposed of after each use eliminating any risk of transference of disease.