A Cutting-Edge Modern Science Technique
unites with
Timeless Ancient Chinese Beauty & Wellness Treatments
to create…


a natural approach to anti-aging

The Three-Part Synergistic Treatment Includes:

  • Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine: A personalized treatment plan.
  • Micro-Needling: Innovative technology that stimulates collagen and regenerates elastin.
  • Post-Treatment Beauty Water Skincare Products: Hand-poured, organic, healing products from the Beauty Water collection to nourish and restore healthy skin.


As a holistic practitioner, Dr. Parris is excited to offer a 100% natural form of skin rejuvenation therapy. Micro-needling utilizes the latest in advanced technology skin care to restore a healthy glow and luminosity to the skin, naturally.

Each session begins with a thorough health history intake to create an exact, individualized Chinese Medical diagnosis. A differential treatment plan is then formulated to regulate any imbalances that may contribute to your specific health concerns. Cosmetic/facial rejuvenation acupuncture will be performed in combination with body points to restore health, balance, and well-being.

Medical micro-needling (aka collagen induction therapy) will be used on the face and/or body.
Medical micro-needling is an automated therapy system utilizing nine sterile, precisely spaced micro needles (the same size as acupuncture needles) to create invisible, vertical, microscopic perforations into the epidermis and the top layer of the dermis. In response, the skin’s natural repair mechanism shifts into high gear and starts producing collagen and elastin to ‘repair’ these micro-perforations.

Your skin becomes firmer and regains its elasticity. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Pores become finer. Circulation is stimulated. And, the overall condition of the skin improves. Although the epidermal skin layer (top layer) is penetrated, there is no damage to the subsurface layers of the skin as compared to similar skin rejuvenation procedures like: laser, IPL, fraxel treatments, or chemical peels. Medical micro-needling offers similar results (most folks report BETTER results) without introducing heat, chemicals, or abrasion therapies. Medical micro-needling activates healing from within.

Dermal needling is the only rejuvenation treatment that maximizes penetration of essential cell nutrients, and maximizes release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing simultaneously.

– Dr. Lance Setterfield, M.D., The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling

Beauty Water organic skin care products complete the treatment protocol to help rebuild and protect your skin’s barrier. You will be sent home with after-care products that are safe, effective, and restorative.

What to expect:

After the first treatment your skin will be smoother, tighter, and firmer. A cumulative series of three to six therapy sessions is recommended for ideal, long lasting results. New collagen takes about thirty to forty-five days to regenerate. Optimal regenerative properties take place in six to twelve months.

Treatment sessions are booked three to four weeks apart to allow for appropriate healing time for the skin. Additional recommendations may include nutritional guidance, supplements, and Chinese herbal formulas.

This is a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

Medical micro-needling includes a combined Acupuncture / Medical micro-needling session.
After-care Beauty Water products will be sold separately.

Acupuncture/Medical Micro-Needling Treatment fees:
1 Treatment $300
A series of 3 or more treatments $250

After-care Beauty Water kit: $85 (a $115 value)

  • 2oz facial mist ($20)
  • .5ml facial serum ($45)
  • 1oz silk peptide gel ($35)
  • 1.5oz colloidal silver gel ($15)

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