Welcome to Our Office

Our acupuncture NYC office has pristine clean, quiet, and private treatment rooms with restful lighting and healing sound machines. Each of our rooms are equipped with infrared lamps as well as infrared-jade heating pads on the tables that encourage deeper relaxation and healing during treatment. The luxurious massage tables are deeply padded and extra wide, with gel face cradles for added comfort for each patient.

The utmost care is taken to provide the highest standard of hygiene for the health of our patients. The face cradles are cleaned between each patient with organic, anti-bacterial wipes, and clean robes and table paper are provided as well.

Each patient is given a comfortable, clean cotton gown to be worn during the acupuncture treatments. Our patients are never forgotten about or left in treatment without Dr. Parris checking on them during the treatment. Each patient is also give a buzzer. If for any reason they need immediate attention they can easily beep Dr. Parris or her staff. It is a high priority that each patient feel safe, comfortable and relaxed during the treatments.

We take pride in providing our patients with the highest standard of care, with a safe, healing, and comfortable environment during treatments.

Our Location


Located in beautiful New York City

315 Madison Avenue Suite 510
New York, NY 10017

Phone: 646.320.8806
Web: www.jeniseparris.com