Morning Elixir Herbal Formula


Morning Elixir, an elegant formulation by master herbalist, Dr. Parris, will aid in the support in optimal weight management, increased energy, improved stamina, and enhanced immune function.

Product Description

This formula is powerful synergistic blend of organic, potent Chinese herbs enhanced with the super food, blue green algae from Klamath Lake. This super herbal tonic is used in the Renewal Program to nourish and support your qi (life-force energy).


This herb protects and helps the body adapt against various stressors, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Huang qi enhances the immune system, stimulates metabolism, is high in antioxidants, protective against cancer, and stabilizes blood sugars. This herb also tonifies qi (life force) for increased energy.
This herb protects and helps the body adapt against stressors, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Gou qu zi improves immune function, can inhibit the generation of cancer cells, increases iron reserves, lowers serum cholesterol and blood pressure, and improves eyesight, muscle glycogen, and memory. This herb also tonifies blood for increased stamina.
This herb is an adaptogen as it enhances and regulates the body’s ability to withstand stress. This herb increases strength, stamina, and alertness. It aids in digestion as well as regulating GI motility, helping with elimination. This is an energy tonic and will tonify qi (life force).
Aqua Bontanical (AFA) is a non GMO Heirloom variety wild-harvested from Klamath Lake. This super food is nutrient dense, containing over 65 vitamins, mineral, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. AFA can help increase energy, vitality, and endurance, improve brain and memory function, bolster intestinal health and digestion, and strengthen the immune system. This super food supports the very essence of life.



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