The Renewal Plan Booklet


The Renewal Plan merges ancient Chinese wisdom and Western nutritional science to create a powerful catalyst for achieving optimal weight, increased energy, bolstered immunity, and a sense of wellbeing.

The Renewal Plan is a combination of the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern-day, cutting-edge nutritional science. This unique and effective program creates a platform for restoring radiant health with improved mental focus, increased immunity and antioxidants, glowing skin, optimal weight, improved energy, stabilized blood sugar, increased beneficial intestinal flora for better assimilation of nutrients, and balanced moods.

We will take advantage of both Western and Eastern wisdom to establish a complete and comprehensive lifestyle plan that incorporates sound, healthy food choices, a meaningful exercise program, and stress reduction practices for optional health. You will be given food choices and guidelines to help you incorporate this program easily into your life. You will learn about Eastern principles and how to work within your constitutional type to achieve radiant health. You will learn about Western principles for eating that uniquely serve your constitution so food can become a friend rather than a foe. The plan is systematically laid out in a way that you can go at your own pace, making changes that are appropriate for your life.

Product Description

The Renewal Plan can benefit anyone seeking a healthier way of living and being in this world. Use it as your guide to find your way to more healthy participation in this game of life.

This booklet includes:

  • Eating Plan: Create a strategy for a sound approach to your nutritional choices.
  • Recipes: Learn exactly how to eat to bolster energy, nourish your body, and become more healthy.
  • Stress Reduction Techniques: Discover your inner peace and connect with your quiet, calm self.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Questionnaires: Assess your pattern, find your element, and learn how to make choices best for your unique body type.
  • Journal: Track your progress and challenge yourself to become your best self.

We are all a work in progress. Learn from and enjoy the process of your renewal.


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