Skincare Therapy

Our holistic skin care therapy is rooted in the healing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote healing from within.
Parris Wellness skin care facials are customized to your individual needs and crafted to create more vibrant, calm and balanced skin. 

Our skin care therapy restores the health of the skin at the cellular level by regulating  the skin’s immunity, increasing oxygen and blood flow, and reducing inflammation, oxidative stress, and cellular toxins to achieve a lasting glow.

All facial therapies include a facial analysis, thorough double cleanse, exfoliation, gentle extraction (if appropriate), and organic, plant-based mask. We offer a facial and decotique massage while nourishing the skin with moisturizing, organic serums and lotions along with hydrating facial mists.

Dr. Parris utilizes organic, results-driven plant and botanical skin care products along with traditional beauty tools, techniques and calming rituals within each facial to enhance the skin’s texture and resilience to restore a radiant glow.

Our skin care therapy also addresses muscular tension, inflexible fascia and stagnant lymphs, where are the three primary causes for accelerated aging, and which can be treated using our curated beauty tools.

Depending on the clients needs, we incorporate jade and rose quartz rollers, jade gua sha boards, micro needle rollers and the jade wand to enhance the health of the skin. These tools promote lymphatic drainage, release facial tension and holding patterns, increase blood flow and increase product penetration. Our experienced esthetician will choose the perfect beauty tools for your facial.

The Face Care Offerings

The Longevity  – our signature facial 

60 or 90 minutes ($180 / $240 included gratuity)

 The Longevity facial employs the a powerhouse antioxidant of reishi mushroom to help:

• Brighten skin tone and enhance texture

• Eliminate inflammation

• Address hyperpigmentation (brown spots)

• Increase skin immunity

• Reduce oxidative stress

• Absorb toxins in cells

• Circulation and skin metabolism

• Improve oxygen and blood flow.

The Detox  

60 or 90 minutes

Our lycopene plant-based facial is a powerful free radical repair, appropriate for sun damaged, inflamed and congested skin in need of restoration and detoxification. It helps:

• Eliminates free radicals

• Reduce enlarged pores and blackheads

• Eliminate hyperpigmentation

• History of Excessive Sun Exposure

• Increase tone and elasticity

• Keep skin healthy and smooth

• Calm rapid and accelerating aging.

The Calm Restorative 

60 or 90 minutes

This lavender essential oil facial is restorative for delicate skin and appropriate for sensitive, sensitized and dehydrated skin types and even mommies-to-be. It can help:

• Create soft, calm and beautiful skin

• Reduce inflammation

• Eliminate nervous tension

• Enhance blood circulation


Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture and Acupressure therapy

Mei Zen is an acupuncture/acupressure protocol that is based on ancient healing methods from Chinese nobility that helped them to flourish and look beautiful and radiant. 

Mei Zen means “beautiful person” in the Chinese language.

At Parris Wellness we believe beauty is rooted wellness and choosing a healthy lifestyle. Diet, hydration, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and connected loving relationships are part of healthy ageing.   

We create a treatment plan based on each individuals’ specific diagnosis, treating both the internal as well as the external causes of imbalances. 

At Parris Wellness we have created facial acupressure and facial acupuncture as well as holistic facials to help you flourish and walk in beauty.  

Face Mapping, an Acupressure Facial

90 minutes $270 (included gratituity)

Face Mapping facial therapy is rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM seeks to regulate the free flow of qi (circulation of life force), thereby restoring radiant health to both body and mind. 

Acupuncture and acupressure activate pulse points along the meridians systems that have been mapped out over 2 thousand years ago. We practioners of TCM learn the meridian pulse points and how to use these points to active the body’s natural ability to return to homeostasis.

The Face Mapping facial is beneficial in the treatment and relief from congested skin, headaches, sinus congestion, TMJ, eye strain, facial tension patterns, and an over stressed nervous system.

The preparation for the facial begins with a double cleansing, then an application of organic plant-based serum and beauty water facial mist to deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin.

The jade acupressure wand is used to first activate the pulse points focusing on individual health concerns. Our patients have found it deeply relaxing and calming.

Secondly, the jade facial roller is used to move congested lymph and sooth facial tension.  Jade roller therapy reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes and face, while promoting better nutrition for the skin. Our patients enjoy a more contoured and radiant complexion.

Thirdly, the gua sha tool is used to release tight facia in the neck, upper shoulders and face, facilating increased blood flow and circulation as well as reducing facial and neck holding patterns.  Stress and tension are lifted away leaving a relaxed glowing face.

Lastly a deeply nourishing facial mask is applied to restore luster and sheen to the complexion.

We are proud to have Misato Uchidaj join us at Parris Wellness as our skin care expert.  She is our top esthetician, with over 17 years of experience working in luxury spas both here in NYC and as well as in  Japan. 

She received her training as an esthetician at the renowned institute of Christine Valmy here in New York city.

She recently graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as a licensed  acupuncturist. 

She incorporates the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine into her work as an esthetician, offering an elevated skin care experience to all of our patients here at Parris Wellness.